Refraction is an art, and Dr. Weisfeld takes his time with this important aspect of his exam, enabling him to hone in on astigmatic and/or imbalance problems that can be easily overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Our comprehensive eye exams include:
  • Dry eye detection and treatment

  • Computer vision assessments

  • Cataract and glaucoma screening

  • Retinal photography

And are performed in a non-rushed atmosphere with plenty of time to speak with Dr. Weisfeld and his team.

Computers are part of everyone’s lifestyle, and they also cause general fatigue, dry, red and tired eyes. Learn about how office progressive lenses change the way you see and feel while working at your desk. Get relief and heal from the conditions that cause more than blurry vision.

In our state of the art facility, we treat and co-manage:
  • Allergies,

  • Red and irritated eyes

  • Glaucoma

  • Common eye infections

  • Ocular injuries

We also monitor cataracts and diabetes and work with top LASIK and cataract surgeons to get the best surgical results.

Our curated eyeglass collections are the best in the area. See for yourself how our frame stylists and opticians can help style your face and suggest the latest in lens technology to suit your vision needs.

Brands We Carry:
  • Oliver Peoples

  • Anne et Valentine

  • Tom Ford

  • Lindberg

  • Zero G

  • Frency & Mercury


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