When the eyes are out of sync or misaligned, it puts a higher demand on the visual system. This additional demand can put stress on the trigeminal nerve - the largest and most complex nerve connected to the brain, and the one responsible for head and neck sensations.

The digital world has dramatically shifted how we use our vision, requiring us to see up close more frequently. With the increased demand on our visual system, the occurrence of symptoms such as dry eye, headaches, neck pain, and digital eyestrain has significantly increased.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for Neurolenses:

Headaches, Stiffness, Discomfort with Computer Use, Tired Eyes, Dry Eye Sensation, Light Sensitivity, Dizziness.

Why won't traditional lenses help my symptoms?

With a traditional pair of lenses, no correction is made to fix your misalignment, which forces your visual system to constantly compensate. This added work often results in symptoms. If left untreated, symptoms are unlikely to improve on their own.


Lenses Customized For Your Eyes

Neurolenses aim to relieve symptoms by bringing the eyes into proper alignment at all distances. Neurolenses are digitally designed and manufactured, developed specifically to treat your symptoms.

Neurolens Technology equips doctors with a new, clinically-tested treatment option specifically designed for our increasingly digital world. As we become more dependent on digital devices and working up close, you can turn to your doctor for answers to your symptoms. To learn more about Neurolens and if you are a candidate, request an appointment with us today.