Fighting Alzheimer's with Eye Science?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Eye doctors may soon be able to locate, diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease before a person even begins to experience symptoms, potentially leading to slower or halted progression of the disease. That’s amazing, right? Well, just wait till you hear how they’re going to do it.

A new technology is currently being developed. It allows doctors to take a look at the back of the eye, where they can actually find clues of the disease before a person is even aware they have it. In other words: soon, something as simple as an eye examination may be the key to combating dementia – and winning!

Science Daily reports that early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is critical because it allows effective treatments to be administered before neurological signs occur, and because it would allow more drugs to be tested to determine their level of effectiveness on early Alzheimer’s.

Clinical tests began this summer. More big news may soon follow.

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