Are you suffering from Computer Eye Strain?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

When did you last have an eye examination? It is highly recommended to have your eyes checked yearly for changes in vision and overall eye health. An accurate prescription will allow for better visual comfort while working at the computer. At Spectacles, Dr. Weisfeld will evaluate your computer needs depending on your specific screen distance during your yearly eye exam. Many factors can lead to overall fatigue and eye strain amongst computer users.

Factors contributing to overall computer vision:


Anti-reflection coatings can dramatically reduce glare from reflecting on the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses.

Glare can result from reflections entering the eye from outdoor light, indoor light sources, and computer screens. We offer newer lens coating technologies that have improved significantly in the past few years. Ask about the latest Crizal AR (anti-reflection) coatings that we offer here at Spectacles.

Proper Computer Eyewear:

Utilizing the proper working distance from your screen to determine the ideal computer prescription, allows for precise vision while working and better posture with less physical strain on the neck and back. We can also create a custom computer pair of eyeglasses that allows for a broader computer viewing area at the top of your lenses, with a pure reading prescription towards the bottom.

Having your computer eyeglasses properly adjusted at the specific distance of your needs is essential in overall visual comfort at the computer. This especially holds true for those who spend several hours each day in front of a computer screen.


Blinking more often will allow the tears in your eyes to spread and better coat the front surface of your eyes, allowing for less irritation and also a better quality of vision. Also applying artificial tears, such as Oasis Tears, will alleviate these symptoms. * Ask our kind staff about Oasis Tears which can be purchased here at Spectacles.

Do you often feel burning, tearing, or a gritty and tired feeling in your eyes after working at the computer for any period of time? Dryness is much more common while staring at a computer monitor mostly due to people blinking less frequently. If you currently wear contact lenses, expect a heightened level of dry eye while working at the computer. Ask our doctors at Spectacles about being fit with Silicon Hydrogel Single-Use Lenses for a more hydrating contact lens.


Adjust incoming light from windows and indoor lighting to levels that are less bright and more comfortable.

Proper lighting can greatly reduce visual symptoms of eye strain at the computer. Bright fluorescent lighting can significantly contribute to computer eye strain along with excess lighting passing through nearby windows.

Computer Monitor Position:

Adjust the height of the monitor to be approximately 5-8 inches below your eye position and approximately an arm’s length away. Also, keep the screen in front of you to allow for less strain on the neck and eye muscles.

Poor monitor position and height can cause unwanted eye strain as well as neck and back strain. Adjusting your chair height and monitor will allow for better overall posture.

Take a Break:

One last bit of advice is to remember to take periodic breaks and look into the distance for several minutes. This will relax the over-focussed muscles in your eyes, and relieve strain.

If you begin to make these changes and develop new computer related habits, you should be able to enjoy a more comfortable experience at the workplace and your home.

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