Protect your eyes with Polarized Sunglasses

The miracle and beauty of the sun can be quickly forgotten when you are temporarily blinded by its glare. Having a bright shaft of sunlight hit you directly in the eyes is both annoying and potentially dangerous. Fortunately, today’s sunglasses—with or without prescription—can be modified with a technique called polarization to reduce light glare and improve vision and safety in the sun.

Too much exposure to UV light raises the risks of eye diseases, including cataract, growths on the eye, and cancer. Strong exposure to snow reflection can also cause painful damage called snow blindness. Each time we're out in the sun without protection we could be putting ourselves at risk for these serious disorders. People of all ages should take precautions whenever they are outdoors. - Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses: *Reduces Glare*Improves Safety*Reduces Eyestrain*Promotes Better Vision*Blocks Harmful UV Rays People who wear polarized sunglasses say they are less tired than usual after hours of battling sun glare.Fully protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses.

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