Eye Test Glasses

“The staff is friendly and happy to oblige custom and complex orders. Their suggestion of different eyewear for a variety of uses — office, driving, reading has improved my vision experience immensely.”

Eye Test

“It’s hard to image anyone putting as much time and effort (always with good nature!) into the many adjustments and re-adjustments of my bifocal contact lenses. The team at Spectacles has worked tirelessly to accomplish my need for clear distance vision as well as the ability to read a newspaper!”

Eyeglass Display

Mark C

"When your vision is as bad as mine, you rely on the advice of others when choosing eyewear. The staff at Spectacles has always been immensely helpful. I often receive compliments even from strangers on the eyewear that the staff at Spectacles helps me select.”

Ophtalmology Glasses

Rosemary R

“Spectacles combines fashionable eyewear with outstanding and reliable customer service. From eye exam through selection & fitting of glasses, my experience at Spectacles is always pleasant.”

Jeffrey R

Jean S

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