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Routine Eye Examination

There are numerous benefits that will result from having your eyes examined on a regular basis. It is a misconception that you should only have an eye exam if you are struggling with your vision. Failing to do this annually, may be detrimental to your overall health. Not only will this examination provide insight into the health of your eyes, but other physical problems as well.

Have your eyes checked at Spectacles at least once per year for the following benefits: 

1. Eye diseases like glaucoma can be detected early before it causes permanent damage. Detecting any vision or health changes before is severely compromised. 

2. Eye diseases like glaucoma can be detected before causing damage. An exam with Dr. Weisfeld will produce the correct diagnosis, catching any vision or health changes before is severely compromised.   

3. Other diseases or illnesses may be detected - diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen during a routine eye exam. If a physical disease or illness that is displaying symptoms through the eyes is detected during your routine comprehensive exam, an optometric physician like Dr. Weisfeld can provide treatment options to improve overall health.

By visiting Spectacles for a routine eye exam at least once a year, you can ensure that you not only optimize your vision but also improve your life with better health! Why not call the office today at 201.894.1400 to schedule your eye examination.

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